Drops Hammer of Thor for potency

Probably every man at least once in life, faced with the failures of erection. And if a single failure is a normal thing even for a young guy, a frequent “misfire” with potency and age-related reduction of libido – it is a medical problem requiring treatment.

In 90% of cases, erectile dysfunction treatable. But the effect of traditional remedies (ointments, pills, creams, gels) occurs at least in 6-12 months. Agree that to spend a year without good sex is really sad!

Recently Norwegian pharmacists have completed clinical trials and has released an innovative product – a drop Hammer of Thor.

This cure designed specifically for the rapid treatment of problems with erection and potency. The product contains only natural ingredients, making it one of the most safe for health.

For Whom are the drops Hammer of Thor?

  1. Men with reduced libido.
  2. Suffering from a weakened erection and impotence problems.
  3. Men who have problems with early ejaculation.
  4. Anyone who wants to improve their sex life, make it more bright and saturated.

Also drops can be taken for prophylaxis for men who are in the so-called “risk group”.

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Main risk factors:

Problems in the bed
  • alcohol and smoking;
  • age over 25;
  • life in the big city with bad ecology;
  • low standard of living in rural areas, lack of food.
  • daily stress, increased fatigue;
  • hard, nervous work;
  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • irregular sexual life (a rare sex, sex with different partners);
  • intensive physical activity;
  • short and not bright orgasm.


“Only natural ingredients!” – the motto of pharmacists that developed a drop Hammer of Thor. The effect of cure is due to the following ingredients.

  1. Extract of Antarctic krill. This substance accelerates the absorption of vitamins A, E (natural stimulant of male potency) and B (vitamin improves the nervous system, increases sexual arousal).
  2. The extract from the liver of a monkfish. Struggling with zinc deficiency – microelement which is responsible for sexual desire.
  3. The extract of the Northern moss. Improves blood flow to the genitals, normalize arterial pressure, increases oxygen inside the circulatory system. As a result, the erection becomes a powerful and long lasting.
  4. The extract of the invertebrates of litorina. Stimulates the production of testosterone – chief “male” hormone responsible for the quality of erection and ejaculation.

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How does it work?

Result of using Hammer of Thor

Natural production of testosterone – that’s the purpose of a drop Hammer of Thor. Reviews of satisfied customers only prove its beneficial effects.The cure not only stimulates the production of testosterone. It restores all vitamins and minerals needed to strengthen and prolong erections, improve sperm quality, bright and strong orgasm.

The effect of the drops lasts 6 months after completion of reception.

The results of the use of the drops:

  • long lasting and persistent erections;
  • the duration of intercourse up to 3 hours;
  • eliminating early ejaculation;
  • increased libido;
  • bright orgasm.

How to use the drops?

Every day, take 3-5 drops on the tongue.

The recommended course is 5-15 days.

After that, it is necessary to take a break equal to the number of days of receipt.

Repeat if it is necessary.

It is undesirable to increase daily amount of the drops. It can’t hurt because the drops is 100% natural. However, it will not have more effect.


FAQ about Hammer of Thor

  1. What age is recommended to take these drops?

Only if it is necessary. Problem can occur at any age, from 25 to 80 years. Also drops can be used for prophylaxis if there are the above-mentioned risk factors in your life (see above).

  1. Can it be combined with alcohol?

Yes, alcohol does not affect the efficacy of the drop.

  1. Can drops be taken by people with high blood pressure?

Despite the fact that the drops have no contraindications, if you have problems with blood pressure you need to consult a doctor.

  1. How much are these drops?

Democratic price – another plus of drops Hammer of Thor. The price of this drug available to everyone, regardless of income. Much cheaper than Viagra and its counterparts. In addition, manufacturers periodically organize seasonal discounts and promotions that are easy to track online.

  1. Does the cure cause addiction?

Unlike synthetic cures to improve the potency, Hammer of Thor causes no addiction. After the completion of the course the effect lasts up to 6 months.

The drop Hammer of Thor: where to buy?

You can order the drop Hammer of Thor ONLY on the official website of the manufacturer.

You need to:

  • go to this link;
  • fill the form;
  • wait for the call of Manager. If necessary to clarify the details of delivery and payment;
  • in due time to receive the order. This cure is sent anonymously. Privacy is guaranteed by the product manufacturer and supplier.

HERE you can buy a drop Hammer of Thor.

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